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The National Energy Marketers Association (NEM) has from its inception advocated maximum uniformity in the electronic creation, delivery and exchange of vital energy production, transmission, distribution, consumption and billing data. However, the development and implementation of such standards has been elusive, costly and time consuming. In response to the growing need and vital importance of low-cost, usable and uniform energy-related information as well as its impact on literally all sectors of the energy industry, NEM’s Executive Committee has created a Technology Standards and Policy Development Team with experts from many of the top energy and technology firms in the U.S., Canada and the European Union (EU).

The Team look’s to use existing standards and protocols and where gaps are determined, assist in the development of new ones within a time driven, dynamic environment. NEM spans all energy market sectors and believes its members and the industry at large will benefit greatly from a more speedy delivery of such standards. The Team was formed in recognition of the fact that, technology standards are an absolute necessity to interact cost effectively with others thereby facilitating a restructured energy market.

It is the time to bring the pieces together to implement a uniform set of standards, protocols, transport mechanisms and identify missing elements that need to be created to make the data flow from production to consumption seamless. NEM invites members of state Public Utility Commissions and ISOs/RTOs which have the same goal as NEM to help with the effort. The objective is not to recreate the wheel, but to start using it to roll out new applications, services, information and technologies, and where there is a flat spot to smooth it out as soon as possible.

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